Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Here Goes Nothing

It is a Monday night, or technically a Tuesday morning.
I came out to get coffee at Starbucks and post up some of these videos that I have shot over the last few rainy nights, in lieu of busking.
The Sugar Bowl was earlier this evening and there are people everywhere, but I didn't bring my guitar because I thought I was going to attempt to get in Harrah's Casino.
My left bootlace snapped when I laced them before coming out. "I need new boots," I thought, about a half hour before I came upon a pair laying on the sidewalk in front of the InsectariumInsectarium, about 20 feet away from each other. They are Gortek military style that look like my size and like they've never been worn.

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alex carter said...

Good score on the boots!

I'd have to say the best "score" for boots for me was a pair of "cold and wet weather" Army boots, that were great in all types of weather and climate. I wish I still had them now. They cost me $10 in Colorado Springs, CO. I guess arguably a better score is a pair of Doc Martens, the original made in England ones, never worn, dead-on my size, 10 or 12 hole I'd have to count, for $20. I have 'em stashed away in case I get a motorcycle or a motor scooter. I wear "low quarter" Docs for bicycle riding - those cost me $40.