Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rain Melts Sugar Bowl Enthusiasm

A Downpour Of Uploads

Happy Tuesday morning, January 3rd, 2017.

With 2 days gone already out of the year, it seems that I am procrastinating, already, in making this the best one yet.

I can't hold on to Howard's tablet forever. I would like to hold on to it until my new harmonica and strings arrive in the mail, so I can try to nail a killer harmonica solo.

I probably should have been out dodging the scattered showers and pulling in as much New Years Eve money as possible, but I sacrificed the time to make about 15 videos, which I reviewed critically before deciding which ones to put on this blog. Some of them looked pretty cool, but the performances were only average, and I omitted them, figuring that I can always recreate the cool look using the same lighting and camera angle, later.

[videos have been moved to Youtube and will be on tomorrow's post, 1-4-17]

 It would be nice if the harmonica came today (4 days after it was shipped using "2 day ground" delivery) so that I could go out and busk with it and make some money.

Then I could stay up past daybreak making more videos after getting home, and have the ferry fare so that I can return the tablet to Howard tomorrow (Wednesday).

I'm pretty sure that, after hearing my report regarding: "What is it good for?," Howard might be inclined to sell it to me at a reasonable price.

His online needs are minimal enough that he doesn't need any more robust of a device than the tablet (booking a cruise to Alaska that he is thinking of taking, ordering DVD archives of legal drama series') but I think he will become frustrated with having to learn touch screen tricks like spreading two fingers apart to enlarge the screen. There is no way to reliably land a finger on the intended spot on a web page that has been shrunk so. Even using the built in applications, I have missed the mark with my finger and copied a video instead of renaming it, for example. One little twitch and you have spelled "spelled" with three ells. That might drive Howard bonkers.

It is optimized for The Cellphone Generation -those who see a four leaf clover and want to let all their friends know, so they announce it on Facebook, and then Instagram a picture of it to a few who can save it on their own tablets, and then Skype someone else who wants to see a "live" shot of the clover, swaying in the breeze. "Can you think of anything more stupid, or ridiculous?!?" would be Howard's opinion of that.

If he has to go to the library just to get wi-fi on the thing, then he might as well hop on a library computer while there. They are much faster and easier to read off of.

If he wants to do things in his pajamas and, so, creates a "hot spot" in his house, then the tablet would become something of a white elephant to him, requiring that he learn to navigate the thing, while it sat on his coffee table, with all its portability going to waste.

That would be like having a house wired for electricity just to plug in one clock.

"It's 4 O' Clock!"

The above, only 14 seconds long is part of an idea I have for kind of a cuckoo clock mobile application, with the bird being replaced by something like the above; each hour...

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alex carter said...

This is why you need to just go onto YouTube, because all I see are grey squares with a little Lego piece in the middle, and a message saying I need some plugin to view the "content". Whereas, youtube works fine for me. I'm not about to go looking for what kind of virus/plugin I need to obtain, so the squares will stay grey.