Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I Guess I Did Once Start A Youtube Channel...

It is fitting that my switch over to Youtube as the "new" method of posting videos here has allowed me to backtrack and insert this one as the first.
It is an impromptu tour of my place; one which I might redo in the future after having composed a script for it.
Getting Harold the cat to act along might not be as easy again, though.

I had used Blogger's "insert video" button to load these previously. Apparently, they require a user to have Adobe Flash, or some other application on their machine in order to view them.

Maybe Google will buy Youtube (the way they bought Blogger) and then all will become integrated into one big, happy, virtual family.

The Songs

The following songs were done using a harmonica that is missing a reed and for which a replacement is on its way.

My latest hit single "An A-One Cat,
I wrote about a week after I had gotten Harold the cat, which means over a year ago now, because I had him when Louise the tarot card reader crashed at my place the December before last. 
She had offered me 25 dollars for him. 
That never panned out, but sometimes God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers, as Harold would have wound up being propped alongside Louise, like some tawdry sideshow to the main act of her giving tarot card readings with a mouth full of ice cream.

It (the song) is missing a verse about clawing up furniture, but, most of it is here. I've actually busked with this song a couple times, and gotten tips off it.

Another Harold the cat song. I had started to do Chinacat Sunflower, by The Grateful Dead and noticed Harold in the background and decided, just then, to make it, rather, about him.
Once again, hitting pause and then breaking out a pen and pad to organize a few lyrics might have helped. But then, there would have went the spontaneity.

"Howard's Morning Routine," I have busked with, and the lyrical content increased each time I do it. I left out one of the best verses about Cheetoz and Pepsi in this version, but there will be opportunity to polish it up in the future...

This is my favorite one. It should have come out better, given that I play it almost every night, but I guess the pressure of the video camera in my face, the harmonica having a missing note that I had to play around, the plastic tube that I sang through to route the voice to the microphone in order to boost it over the guitar, and the nagging thought that might could have smoked a bowl before embarking upon it; were all factors (read: excuses).


alex carter said...

Aha! Videos that can be seen! I watched part of the first one, the tour or your bum-nest, and it's interesting to hear you talking normally instead of "singing" like a bum who's just downed a pint of vodka.

I'm not falling for the rest of 'em; I know how you sing.

But at least they're real videos and not grey squares with a Lego brick in the middle, and a message saying to spend an hour or so finding and downloading a virus/plugin.

Daniel McKenna said...

Sounds like the ubiquitous Adobe Flash is not on
your machine "he must have an old computer" -Tim my caseworker.
And I'm sure it's a copywrite issue where Blogger can't include it in their package. There are probably other widgets on the blog that are depricated like if I wanted to have clouds floating by in the backgroundyou might see Lego's floating instead...
My biggest question is, what are they going to do 100 years from now when everybody is dead, and there are a billion blogs that just aren't being updated in "forever."
I guess I could leave my URL to someone in my will. Pretty soon it will be hard to come by a name such ad "Daniels new blog" that hasn't been taken...Google will probably auction off the shorter ones, after serving notice to whatever e-mail address is listed as blog owner...
I was hoping to get feedback on the quality of the tablet as a recorder, at least. Don't you want to check out my harmonica playing, that's been getting noticed by drunken tourists? LoL

Daniel McKenna said...

I do think that for future recordings I should get another musician, even "Bongo" to keep time, give me some energy to feed off, and,bolstered by the strength in numbers, a "let them bang on the walls and stomp on the floor all they want" sensibility

Daniel McKenna said...

By the way, the drawing seen in the tour video looks nothing like me (or does it?) but it somehow is like looking in the mirror for me...past life regression, I was a Latina warrior once...that explains a few things lol

alex carter said...

I have a feeling it's something like Adobe Flash ... I dunno how old this computer is ... old enough that it cost me $200 with a 30-day guarantee from one of the vendors of used equipment around here, but new enough that it's an i7 and has an honest 4-hour battery life.

I have no real interest in updating it, because YouTube vids play for me.

One guy I kinda half-assedly follow in YouTube is a guy who calls himself "Nomadic Fanatic". He travels around in an RV and gets enough page views and donations that he makes an honest(?) living off of it. He's got a huge crowd of followers, and also a huge crowd of detractors, because he's done all-out "cyberbegging" to cover emergencies like this or that breaks on his RV. If it were me, I'd do some odd jobs and keep an emergency fund.

Frankly it looks like a pretty neat life, and I don't think he even paid that much for his series of RVs. His detractors are pretty funny too, calling him "tater" and picking apart his videos - when he's really begging hard, they show the Hypno Toad from Futurama.