Friday, March 3, 2017

Posting Under Duress

It's time to go out and play, it's Friday night and already 9:30 PM, the time that I had hoped to be at the Lilly Pad and playing already.

I need to put down the mouse; I've had plenty of time to do this stuff, it only now is more appealing, as a way to dissociate from the task at hand, which is to go out and play; even though I have money...

I slept like a log, and for too long, not waking up until sundown after having laid down right after sunup.

It was the chicken thigh I ate, along with the last 3 eggs, and some steamed broccoli, which weighed me down and held me in slumber all day.

Harold the cat made a couple attempts to wake me up so I could fill his food dish and then let him outside. It has been a pretty good arrangement and, he hasn't used his litter box in months.

There are a lot of things I am busy with.

The temptation now, is to stay in the apartment, living off whatever money I have left and enjoying my leisure. I could even get that 2,500 piece jigsaw puzzle...

I'm thinking about re-arranging my schedule, so that I am waking up earlier in the day, when I would work on practicing and other learning activities that go better at the beginning of a day, rather than the last thing before passing out.

I'm reading up upon, I forget what they are called, but they are cycles that differ in individuals, making one person a "night owl" and another one an "early bird." Different people learn and retain better at certain times of the day, according to the study.

Would that account for the fact that the classes in high school that I took in the afternoon are a haze to me, but I can remember specific details about classes that I took at 8:30 in the morning?

It makes sense to me that the times that I practice or study and get the most out of it is when I feel like time is going by slowly, and that I'm not missing anything else that might be going on. 4 AM through 8 AM has been my "creative" period.

If I were to put myself to sleep by 4 AM, then wake up at noon, I could probably get more productivity out of those afternoon hours, knowing that I don't have to busk for another 8 hours; and not doing the stuff at the end of the day after I've been up 16 hours....

I'm really trying to keep a lot of balls in the air,  becoming a better musician, recording a CD, reading up off of my mostly unread bookshelf, and learning how to be a good computer programmer who can write applications for Android phones, just as a hobby.


This kind of points me towards getting an Android phone to use, initially, as just a camera. At some point I might be able to write applications for the thing and it would be fun to watch them run.
Maybe a GPS hooked up application that maps out all the best ashtrays for sniping cigarette butts in the Quarter...?


alex carter said...

I would hardly call lazing around in a free apartment with free utilities, free food stamps to buy food or trade for booze and weed, playing a free guitar, etc is "duress" but skeezers think "oh poor poor me" all the time.

Daniel McKenna said...

Well, there are only brief periods of the day when I could even be accused of "lazing around;" I have a dozen projects going, and the free apartment comes with the work of keeping it clean;
The issue above has to do with things becoming suddenly more appealing as a reasons to stay in, when it is probably just a subconscious dread of having to pedal the bike for 20 minutes through a paintball gallery; then come around the corner onto Bourbon with my heart rate elevated, thinking, what will I do if there are other musicians there; if they have their own spotlight and have a circle of people around them?
And the overlying theme, could be crystallized into: Should you be sitting behind a computer blogging, when the title is going to wind up being: "Didn't make a dime last night -stayed in and blogged about my 'ascendance to super stardom,' instead"

alex carter said...

I think the million or so homeless people out here in California would love to have a free apartment with the only task required being to keep it clean.

You came to New Orleans to (a) work on your guitar skills, the core of which being working your way through the series of Mel Bay books and (b) to achieve "stardom" with said skills.

So far, you've not even cracked the first Mel Bay book, not done a CD however crappy (and I've pointed out, you could record utter shit, and it'll sell well as long as the cover it colorful and it's not something the corn-fed tourists can buy back in Iowa).

You've skeezed up a pretty good life for yourself and that's admirable. Your skills are admirable - as a skeezer. This page can be read as a sort of how-to manual for prospective skeezers who want to skeeze up a decent life as a professional skeezer in New Orleans.

Why not own up to it? Have more discussion of how you "get back at The Man" by using your food stamps to buy dope, etc.?