Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Zen Of This Blog

I have posted this excerpt from an answer I made to a comment yesterday, as today's post; saving time in the process

And the overlying theme, could be crystallized into:
 "Should you be sitting behind a computer blogging, when the title is going to wind up being: "Didn't make a dime last night -stayed in and blogged about my 'ascendance to super stardom,' instead"

Just get a mobile device and blog on the go; that way it can even make the blog seem more 'immediate' if you include photos; there's a reason that apps like Snapchat and Instagram have become so popular; you should check it out. And walk in the light, by the way...


alex carter said...

OK I have, somehow, managed to change the name of my blog to

This is a desired change, so unlike most changes on the internet this is actually good.

I'm calling it alextrumpets because it's going to be about trumpets I make. Which should be more interesting than it being about all the busking I never do, all the money I don't make, all the sunshine and warm days San Jose, California doesn't have, and other assorted gripes.

So you might want to change your link because now it says "this site doesn't exist" in internet-speak, best understood by robots, because I've actually changed the URL. Amazingly.

alex carter said...

You really might want to change the URL to my new site, because it will actually talking about doing things. What things, well, building trumpets is planned but you can never tell. I mean, I go out to do stuff and suddenly I'm the MRE king.

Sherman said...

I have returned to the ancient way of paper to blog/news.