Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Things Starting To Gel

I am perfectly happy in my room, where I can work on all sorts of things, like, even my blog post; hindered only by the inability to find pictures on the web.
I have been very busy with the computer, and the Ubuntu Linux operating system that it's running. A blessing and a curse.

But, with the software that I have already downloaded, I should ultimately be able to make simple, hilarious music videos, which I will post here, of course.
The Mel Bay Book 1 Arrives

Coming soon, in a video series, to be hosted on my Youtube "channel," I will show glimpses of my journey through the first Mel Bay book, including live performances of the material in the book, and discussions about it, focusing upon its value as learning material. In my upcoming: "An Old Musician Looks Back At Childhood Lessons" series.

I'm Going To Make Videos

Coming as soon as I learn enough about the OneShotↂ video editor that now resides in binary on my machine. The same machine upon which I can't as yet find the "copy-write" symbol on.

I have lots of ideas; about the Perl program to format these blog posts for me, so that the paragraphs will be separated from each other and each will be a different color. The first three words of each paragraph will be larger and in a different font.

More On Mel(left)

The idea I have for a video will involve taking each of the elementary pieces as far as I can musically. Jazzing them up, rocking them up, an most likely, making farces of them.
I have already made inroads into using the very first "piece," comprising the 3 notes on the first string, into something designed to demonstrate the mastery of. 

I'm Going To Re-Vamp This Blog

Then, I need to dig into CSS and XML and see if I can't really spruce up this blog.

I'm also thinking of focusing less upon daily activities, and more upon broader issues. An essay upon my experiences with skeezers in general, rather than an anecdote about the skeezer du jour that I had run into earlier that day; type of thing.

Unless, with the anecdote, I can weave in some of the more global stuff...

I'm Going To Do Wonders


alex carter said...

I would say that the day-to-day stuff you publish gives more of a feeling of how it is in New Orleans that any other blog I've found. Most of 'em are very superficial, or are flat-out Chamber Of Commerce puff pieces.

alex carter said...

I might try that "one shot video editor" myself because right now I've found that it takes one HOUR to upload one minute of video to youtube and I just can't do that without a second, dedicated, computer and internet connection. So it's not going to happen for me unless I find a way to speed up the upload process. This appears to be a widespread problem on YouTube, with some people reporting it taking even longer.