Monday, May 1, 2017

Mitragyna speciosa

"What's that stuff?"
"I don't know, only white men buy it. The people who buy it know what it is, but it's only white men."
Could it be that they have altered the molecular structure, once again, of what used to be called "spice," or "mojo," and which made you feel exactly as if you had smoked very potent pot?
The mojo and spice had on the package, along with the statement that it should only be used as incense, the assurance that it did not contain any of an ever growing list of hard to pronounce substances with the present mojo molecule not having worked its way through the court system and onto the list.
Eventually, they had tinkered with the molecule to the point where a few isolated mojo related deaths occurred, and that was the end of the mojo and spice.
Not even from out of brown paper bags or shoe boxes kept out of sight behind the counter was it available.
I Googled the product, which was Matrix "Kratom," and learned that it was touted as a legal opiate.
The package warned that it should be used only, not as incense (that's SO 2010!) but as a "botanical."
I as yet don't know what the proper use of a botanical is.
The package also explained that the product was only packaged in capsules in order to facilitate the measuring and shipping of it, etc.
I tried a pack of the stuff, after having made about 33 bucks Sunday night, and it relaxed me, made me focused upon work, and was sort of a cross between vicodin, ephedra ...

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alex carter said...

By the Latin name it appears you've looked it up. Unlike some of the concoctions out there it appears to be something that's been used traditionally by certain cultures; a member of the coffee family. The name "kratom" rung a bell with me because I've seen it referred to on Reddit.

If it works for you, great. You can probably grow it there since you're in such a warm wet climate.