Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Apple Juice For Next 3 Days

  • Rose And Ed Remit
  • Kratom Delivers Slight Benefits
  • A Time To Cleanse

 It is the middle of Wednesday, the 3rd of May. I'll have to spoil the surprise of a birthday card that is on the way to my mother, having not mailed it until after noon on Monday.

It is a sign of progress that I have mailed her a card, and a sign of stability, whereby I had the extra few bucks to do it, and was only a day late in mailing it...

Prune Juice Breakfast

I have begun another juice fast, and had gotten into a mood for cleaning in general, being up very early and having thrown my clothes in the wash and then vacuumed my rugs while they washed.

It seems to be a time to cleanse.

I am on my way to Starbucks, as soon as the rain outside lets up. It has been coming down too hard to permit a 2 mile bike ride without becoming too wet.

Monday morning, Rose and Ed paid me back $130, which was within maybe 15 dollars of the very casual tally that I had taken.

I hadn't written anything down and it was hard to remember exactly how many times I was nickel and dime-ed towards the end of the month.

What happened was that Rose would call or show up wanting to borrow an amount like 5 dollars, and this loan would always be framed as one that was being done behind Ed's back, as if Ed would be mad if he knew she was borrowing money for cigarettes, for instance.

What it really is, is a way for them to siphon back some of the profit that I am making off loaning them money at 100% interest.

"Don't tell Ed I'm borrowing money for cigarettes, he'll be mad" begs the question:
"How is Ed going to pay me back at the beginning of the month if I don't tell him?"

It's a sneaky way for them to cut into the profit I'm making. But, I do feel a bit like a Shakespearian Shylock lending to them at that rate, never mind that they call begging for me to do so. I think that, now that I trust the certainty of their paying me back more, I could slack off on the interest rate, paying for a smaller "risk factor," in effect.
But, Ed told me that he didn't think they were going to need to borrow next month.
This month did get a bit convoluted with the secret loans behind the back of Ed.

More On Kratom

A Youtube search yielded plenty of "reviews" of this plant that has been used for centuries in Asia.
Many report having been helped off of heroin and methamphetamine, and even alcohol by the stuff.

The stuff is in danger of being outlawed, apparently, and that was the main theme of a lot of the posts.

I felt like I had when I was once given Vicadin after having a tooth pulled, or something. I enjoyed the "high" of that, going through my 10 day supply in something like 6 days (of course the tooth had long since stopped "hurting") and then never thought about it again. It was cool for a few days, and used that way, the body can probably learn how to synthesize a similar substance for natural pain relief.

But, I did notice that I was focused upon the task at hand, whether it be studying computer programming or music, or reading. It was kind of like ephedrine (another thing outlawed after a professional baseball player infamously dropped dead on the mound after taking it) in that regard. When I read, my eyes darted quickly and entire sentences leaped off the page and stuck in my brain; a lot faster than "normal," at least.

I'm thinking about trying another pack of the stuff, since I'm heading that way as soon as the rain stops, anyway, and since I plan to be up most of the night working on music recording.

I'm trying to get as much guitar music recorded, regardless of what it is; that I can sing over, at a remote location to be discovered hopefully soon.

I haven't given up on the idea of getting into the church which abuts the Sacred Heart property and recording vocals in there; that seems like it would be cool, although the acoustics might be a mixed blessing as, well, everything would sound like it was in a church, for better or worse....

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