Thursday, May 4, 2017

One Day Juice Fast

I guess it was time to cleanse.

I got up and threw my laundry in, and then vacuumed the place, cleaned kitchen and bathroom; and then went on a juice fast, consuming only 2 gallons of apple juice the entire day of Wednesday, May 3rd, into today which is the start of another Jazzfest weekend here.

There have been times when I would look upon such an occasion as an excuse for not fasting. Hunger can play tricks on your mind, at first. "I'm going to need all the energy I can get in order to capitalize upon Jazzfest; I'll go on a fast next week..."

But there were also times when I busked after not having eaten in 10 days, maybe being a bit lightheaded when I stood up, but otherwise fine, and received several comments about the "vibe" I was exuding.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, and I thought about calling her. I should have, but I had mailed a card to her on Monday, which she probably got today, and I hadn't wanted to ruin the surprise.

Now that I think of it, I could have called to wish her happy birthday, and not mentioned the card, which would then still have been a surprise whenever it came.

Jazzfest Night, Thursday, May 4th

I really wouldn't mind having a 100 dollar night, tonight, if I am able to summon up the strength to play for 5 hours.

I need some new headphones for studio recording, the left side is out on my present ones. It makes it harder to mix the bass sounds with one ear missing, as bass notes are unidirectional and are usually centered in the mix, because stereo "separation" is impossible. That is why it is possible to have a single "mono" subwoofer (and it can be in a trunk or under a couch, as long as it effects the air pressure in the room).

But, it is also necessary for me to boost the volume on the one side that is working, to perhaps an excessive level, in order to hear it over whatever I'm singing or playing.

There are a few other things that I would like, not the least of which is enough money to make a trip north in the coming months.

20 dollars can get me to Atlanta on the Megabus, and then I can hop onto a sidewalk and start busking up enough for the next leg of the trip. This, if I can't manage to save up the whole amount to make the trip in comfort, probably close to 300 bucks, to be able to bus to Boston, and then take a train to Fitchburg, and then take a cab to my mom's residence.

Of course, if my plans were solidified, someone could meet me at the Greyhound station, but those plans would only be made after I was already in possession of my ticket up there. I have been talking about visiting the past 5? years or so, to the point that I am like the boy who cried "wolf." I imagine my mom has stopped telling my nieces (aged 8, 7, 5 and 2) whom I've never met, that they might get a chance to meet me "this summer."

But, I think that my situation has stabilized (i.e. I don't have to worry about getting thrown off a bus after the driver smells alcohol on me after a layover somewhere, and then having my guitar and pack stolen after I pass out waiting for the next one through, by a "Greyhound Skeezer," whose "hustle" is just that.

I could easily spend my last dollar on a bus ride out of wherever, rather than stay behind so I can get drunk, hoping to make up the difference the next night...

Temperature A Cool 60 Degrees

We are having a cold spell, and it is pretty cool for May 4th; air from Colorado is to blame. Their medicinal pot is good, but they can keep their air...

There is a danger of finding another busker at the Lilly Pad on an occasion such as this (Jazzfest) as, many "extra" buskers come here at such times, and it is easy to imagine a newbie in town, thinking that they had just found a great spot to play, right next to a bar, and there's nobody there.

This would happen if they arrive while it is still light and then start to play into the darkness. If they are making steady drinking money then they might be hard to persuade to move when I get there around 9:30 PM. Even though their money flow may have tapered off after dark, if it is keeping them drunk (i.e. propelling them closer to that point at which they become drunken jerks) then that could  be a problem...
But, I've got Lilly's number, and she has been pretty effective in clearing her stoop in the past...

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