Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Retrospective

My blog seems that have gotten its wheels stuck in the mud, lately, so I think I will click on the "add image" icon and the "from Google archive" and browse photos which go back almost 20 years; maybe that will put things in perspective, on May 1st, 2018.

Well, here is a picture from probably 2006. When I see the homeless people under the bridges and on pieces of cardboard on the sidewalk, I can't help recall the morning when I took this picture. I was making an omelet over the fire, had honey and maple syrup as part of a huge supply of condiments that were on site.
I got on my bike every weekday morning at about 4:55 AM and pedaled to the Workforce labor pool 3.1 miles away, where I was able to get out each day and do various menial jobs, and would return to this campsite, after having cashed my check of $49.63, bought fish and vegetables and a bottle of wine.
Most of the other stuff came out of dumpsters, where it was easy to find things like a 10 dollar bottle of honey that had gotten some honey on its outside from another bottle that had broken, perhaps.

Were you to have asked me then: "Where do you think you will be in 12 years?," I probably would have answered:
"I'll probably have put a down payment on some acreage, maybe up in Georgia or Virginia, in the piedmont, and I'll be living just like I am now, only on my own land that I can put a fence around, have a mean dog chained up at, and gradually build my own house on, digging the basement by hand with shovel and pickax, having my own large garden, maybe some chickens...solar panels, maybe a windmill..."

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alex carter said...

What makes your blog interesting is the experiences, where the readers can follow you along in your adventures and live vicariously through you. They like to imagine a life free of things like car insurance and dentists' bills for the kids' braces, and the tax assessment that came in the mail for renewing the sidewalk when the old one's really just fine ...

The kind of life that's opposite of your "successful" working 60 hours a week suit-wearing brother.

And details of your busking, what songs go over well and which ones don't, how the other buskers are, how the successful ones do it, how the un-successful ones get along, odd or interesting tippers, etc. Like Marvin Naylor does. As busking blogs go, his is the best because he just talks about the busking and keeps the personal stuff out of it. I'm not even sure if he was a wife or girlfriend or any children. He just writes, entertainingly, about the local scene and the odd characters in it. And the Drongos, I guess it's English for skeezers.