Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I'm doing this on my phone from rouses market outside area. Ok that's enough


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  1. Trying out the new smartphone?

    I managed to peck out a text reply to someone who ostensibly wanted to buy my cornet, and when I hit SEND the result was FAIL lol.

    I'm going to re-trace the history of the modern cell phone by learning my flip phone thoroughly, using the old peck-out-each-letter texting now, then "t9" texting and how to do all the stuff on this phone, then and only then I'll get a smart phone but ... I've tried the $250 Amazon special smart phone and never again. I "have" to get what my boss has because I know his works and he can help me out with mine if I have the same model, so right now that'd be a Samsung S7, $500-$600 phone. Fucker's gotta be indestructible though, knowing my boss. He's had the thing a couple of years now and he showed me how it's got no scratches on the screen at all.


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