Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Dash For The Dollar

I have to run down to the Family Dollar to take forty bucks off my Octapharma plasma money card in cash and then to load that same cash onto the green American Express card that has been my stalwart, and has enabled me to purchase stuff online.
The Octapharma card, I had linked to a Paypal account when I signed up for that particular service.
But, alas, it is not processing when I try to use paypal.
When I try to use the card directly, same result.
My head is reeling because I have found the Suzuki harmonicas, that I have been paying twenty bucks for, for seven dollars and change on e-bay.
They are supposedly in new condition and maybe they are so cheap ironically because they come all the way from Japan, supposedly.
And, the Freelance Writer's Den, has just dropped their membership fee for the first month, to seven dollars, down from twenty five.
This is in recognition of their seventh anniversary.
This is my time to embark upon a career as a writer, and I am hoping that the discipline instilled in me by the writer's group, along with my refusal to fork over seven dollars for anything and not get my money's worth out of it, is going to lead me to success.
But, now I have to run all the way 2 miles and back to switch money over so that I can join the Freelance Writers Den this very evening, as well as send off for a harmonica at the ridiculous price of also about seven dollars...

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  1. The harmonica is a neat-O instrument, and I myself have considered having a sort of case with a few "harps", a battery powered amp, and one of those microphones blues "harp" players like, all ready to go.

    But, they are maintenance nightmares. For the case case-space, a flute, harmonica, or mic for vocals, MP3 player, and amp are carry-able.

    For a bit more case-space, you can carry a cornet or a trumpet or a uke with a small amp and for a bit more than that you can carry a guitar or a sax.

    All of which are much less hassle; with the guitar and the sax eating a certain number of strings or reeds, but all easy to deal with.

    The trouble with "harps" is, just about anything plus just sheer "age" which can be years or hours, a crumb of food, any old damn thing, can mess up those little reeds in a harp and now you have to to open-harp surgery, and it's burnishing the things and re-tuning them and so on... much trickier than putting on a new string or a reed.

    Frankly the most bang for the buck I can see, your being a guitar player, is to learn to play some slide. People love the hell out of slide.


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