Monday, June 7, 2010

A Black Hole

Busted Flat In Mobile
I have finally run out of money. It seems to have been the goal of the hundreds of street people to assist me in obtaining this milestone, but I see it as being my own fault.
"Aint it funny how the things you want the most are the things you need the least" -Bob Dylan
This morning, of course, was my first encounter with a cop who told me to get out of the street.
My focus tonight will be to make some money somewhere, probably the exact same spot.
Tommorow, I go to the place called "15 Place" to become a "member" and be issued an ID with my picture on it, identifying me as a homeless person. You have to prove that you are homeless, in order to get some things. You have to prove that you have a residence to get other things.
I am going to re-new my food stamp card. It is easy to do, here in Alabama. You just need proof that you are homeless.
I need to be at 15 Place at 7:45 am. so that I can get on The List. The List fills up fast, or it did this morning, when I got there at 8:10 am.
Then, I can renew my food stamp card, using 15 Joachim St. as an address; and I can also receive mail there, hurray. I haven't used the card in months, such was our prosperity in Jacksonville.
Then, I can try to reinstate my State ID. They need proof that you have a residence.
The Salvation Army has funds to help the homeless with their ID cards. The funds come in on the 10th of the month. I should be in position for this month, with my brand new homeless ID, identifying me as being homeless. Just being found sleeping behind a building is not verification enough.
Tonight, I want to make money at the spot where I was run off. I then want to take the city bus all the way out to where I hid my big backpack and the tent. I hope it/they will still be there. I will re-hide them, after taking some things from the big bag, and switching out some things from the small bag, as per the knowledge which I have gained as to the necessity of things in this situation.
"Spare Change And Cigarettes Go In, But Never Come Out"
I should have my ID tommorow, though, they warned me that it will be a "most of the day," process, taking valuable time away from whiling away time, which doesn't surprise me.
Once I get my food card and my official State ID, I just might take that train to West Palm Beach, Florida. The abundance of resources for the homeless here has created an environment which is like a black hole, where spare change and cigarettes go in, but never come out.
When I played on Saturday night, I made only about 10 bucks. I had almost as many requests for "Can I get one of those dollars??" by street people whom I had never seen before.
Part Of The Problem
Part of the problem is that I am downtown in the ghetto. In Jacksonville, I never would have considered trying to survive downtown, because I saw it as I see this place. Wherever I go, I feel like I am a target. Every time I hear someone shout "Hey, guitar man!" and motion me over towards them, or have them come up upon me, it is ALWAYS about a cigarette or some change. Well, maybe I'm not being fair. It is about a cigarette or some spare change 99.9125% of the time....
Build It And She Will Come
I will search for the part of Mobile which is like the Mandarin of Jacksonville; far enough out (and on the bus line) that the people aren't hounded daily by bums, and where there will be beautiful landscapes where the tent can be pitched. I think that is about the time that Karrie will intuit that the time of her showing up unexpectedly will have it and she will come.
I miss her, especially since "misery enjoys company."

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