Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The First Time In Hours

Last night, I went out to the ramp and made 17 bucks. I had been down to 72 cents.
A cop came by and talked to me about where I had come from and why I came to Mobile. I gave him the reasons that the Rainbow guy had outlined to me in Jacksonville. He was very curious to hear the reasons that someone would come to Mobile.
The last one was "...and the cops won't bother you about playing music."
He said that that was right, and then gave me the rules: No sleeping in the parks after dark; no begging; no drinking in public.
He then told me to have a good night and then drove off.
Bolstered by this sense of security, I was able to make the 17 dollars and felt good about myself for the first time in hours...
I was begged upon twice on my way to my sleeping spot.
I got up early and went to 15 Place, where I was given paperwork and told to spend a night at the Salvation Army, so as to verify my condition to be "homeless."
Now, I go to eat. I will add more to this after thus fortifying myself with victuals.
Then, I must swallow my pride and go spend the night at the Salvation Army. I will stretch my tongue and warm it up for saying "No" all evening.

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