Thursday, March 7, 2013

Swift Ripping

I am ripping some Taylor Swift (live) and will get to some Ricky Skaggs, Queen and some Ringo Starr, off of his latest.
25 Dollar Night
Last night, which was Wednesday, the very day that I accused of being a terrible day for street musicians just one week ago; I wound up about 25 dollars richer.

I had started the day pretty much broke but in possession of clean clothes; many of which needed to be donned at the break of dawn when I woke up in frigid conditions which felt to me like about 47 degrees; and breezy; which made it feel like 44 degrees...
I took the ferry across and spent a lot of time working on music; listening to jazz standards to the point where I can now hum a few bars of Satin Doll, by Duke Ellington; and Autumn Leaves, for example.
Soon, by studying along using Hal Leonards "Jazz Songs" book, I will be able to crank out my own jazz standards. Son of a gun...
out of time at be continued...

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