Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Golden Lady

Stevie Wonder "Too High," is playing on the Rhymbox as I write this.
It has a double harmonica solo in its outro...
I might go to the library to get more music and to look in the Fedora book for a way to listen to music and have the screen shut off entirely. I am relatively sure that I could listen a lot longer off the battery in that particular mode.
But, alas as I sit and listen at night, should the screen shut off, so would the music...
"Living For The City," is in the queve as a song that I will add to my busking repertoire.
I miss Sue (the Colombian Lady).
I get asked about her all the time.
One of the workers at Uniques; one who responds to "AmessengenAuulue" (Thank you in his language and "Ah Salaam Ha Lay Koom" (God Bless you somehow in his language) well, that worker asks every couple weeks or so where is the little lady "Mi Corazoncita."
It would be good to have her play the shaker that I now have. We would have done well on Bourbon Street the past couple nights, I am sure; judging by the kinds of people who walked past.
The Spanish lady and her daughter of about 13 ask about Sue every time I see them when I am playing out almost in front of their door...
"Golden Lady," playing right now; also in the queve...

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