Friday, August 16, 2013

On The Rocks

I am working without the easy editor, again
And I think I forgot to wipe the lens off of the Android Phones camera this morning as I snapped this photo.

I had spent the night here, patiently watching the trains about a half mile outside of the rail yard.
Had I been patient the previous Monday night, I would have been able hop out and avoid the Inspector.
I deciced to just pass the night and take note of the activity of the trains, letting a couple trains go which I could have jumped on; so that I could count how many of such that there would be on this Thursday night.
The prospect of not hopping out was not too much of a concern. I still have money left.
I actually slept very well and felt like I had gotten myself far away from the French Quarter and all its shenanigans. This stretch of track is pretty isolated; and if someone does come walking along, the crunching of rocks under foot announces their arrival well in advance.
In the morning, I had some instant coffee and lightened my pack by leaving the sleeping bag, some dirty clothes, a can of mackerel and a jar of pickles behind.
My new purple shirt, along with the book which I only read first thing in the morning were also left behind, for just the minor considerations that the book, open to a page might make it seem like someone was just there and could return at any minute; and the purple shirt is kind of a color code which says "local" to any local.
There is only a small chance of someone chancing upon my stuff and an even smaller chance that it would be someone lowly enough to steal my sleeping bag and purple shirt and my can of mackerel and jar of pickles, so I only half hid the stuff.
My new harmonica (which is a Hohner "Old Standby" brand) and neck harness can be seen around the neck of my guitar case.

For just $1.50 I was able to return to the Quarter this morning, to gamble that I can enrich myself by busking tonight and be sitting in better shape the next night or night after.
Better Than When I Came In
I have gotten sunglasses, a capo, a harp and brace, two sets of new strings, a packet of 12 new nylon picks; a composition tablet, a sharpie, and have clean clothes and new razors.
All along the bus trip out there, I was remembering how I first came to New Orleans and walked the 6 miles into the Quarter in the middle of the night; and wondering just how much, if any, of my determination has slipped away from me.
The Toothpick And Glue Method
Yesterday, I took my guitar to Paul at Webbs Bywater Music and he let me use his tools to fix the stripped screw on one of my tuning machines. I stuffed a toothpick in the hole, covered in liquid wood glue and then put the screw back in and it grabbed and held; I had almost forgotten that small but important chore which was on my list of "things to do before hopping out of here."
Now, I just need to stockpile some more food (enough for a 3 day journey) at a spot about a quarter mile closer to the yard; so that I can load it onto the grainer or boxcar with me and let the locomotive lug it.
Ashville Or Nashville
I will bring a map with me (and I'd love to find a cheap compass at the dollar store) and will probably stay on just to see how far I can get; and only jump off if I wind up in any "known great busking cities" like Nashville, or Ashville or Gatlinburg or Charlottesville.

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