Saturday, August 17, 2013

Not Good Friday

Just not a very good day was Friday.
After deciding to bus back into town, I arrived at the library and posted yesterdays post, and then proceeded into the Quarter.
Somehow, I wanted to see Tanya and Dorise one last time before I leave.
They weren't out.
The Quarter was that dead; Tanya and Dorise figured that it wasn't worth the effort.
It wasn't.
I woke up this morning with 10 dollars less than the previous morning.
Someone from Athens, Alabama bought me a pint of vodka, in exchange of me making a trip up Canal Street to do business with a certain Jamaican for him.
After the vodka, things become hazy.
I played a bit on my spot and might have made 5 bucks. The whole time, I was torn between sitting there, or going over by the Superdome, because there was a Saints game going on there.
I layed down at the sign spot around midnight; was woken up by rain; moved to under Simon Bolivar and slept until about 9:30.
I feel kind of depressed and kind of lonely; which is not a good emotion to take on a solo journey across the country.
When I told Dorise that I was planning to stop in Atlanta to look for "my girlfriend," Karrie, she acted surprised and said "Girlfriend?!? Say it isn't so! I thought you liked Tanya!"
Confusion and mixed messages and never knowing if you are being patronized are par for the course here...

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