Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

Well, Friday I took a step backwards; outspending what I made by about 6 bucks...and waking up Saturday morning with $8.09 on me and thinking that I just may have to leave out of here pretty much broke...
Saturday, I started busking at the early hour of noon.
I played on the spot which has been recently vacated by The Guy With The Really Loud Voice Who Plays A Fender Acoustic; after he got a ticket for obstructing a public passageway.
He doesn't seem to want to listen to advice from people like myself who tell him not to worry about it and that it will be dropped if he just shows up and pleads not guilty.
I moved after he showed up and I, along with Troy, another veteran busker convinced him that he could play there without fear of going to jail.
I moved around a lot, but kept going back to busking after every break and made about 50 bucks the whole day...most of it came after a certain hour which I don't remember much past; but I was happy to see about 40 bucks in my pocket this morning...
So, I am leaving.
Tomorrow morning.
Today, I will do some laundry and walk to the music store for some (cheaper than in the Quarter) guitar strings. And then I'll play as much as I can on the Bourbon Street spot, because it can only help...especially if I have a bright set of strings on...
Yup, tomorrow morning I am hopping a train headed northeast...

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  1. Frankly you have a pretty easy life there in NOLA, you're busking only a very small portion of each day, most of the day is spent skeezin' for various things like alcohol, food, etc.


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