Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friday Updated

I get practically no sleep but get cleaned up and make about 40 bucks...
I slept at the sign spot for probably about an hour all night.
I finally cracked open the Monster Energy Drink by my head at around sunup, deciding to just stay up. I would be listening for the phone to ring from the food stamp lady who has me jumping through rings, herself.
She is supposed to call just to tell me, I guess, weather or not my food card will be turned back on...or not.
It's the "not" aspect which perplexes me...
Ok, if your card IS going to be turned on then you will know by checking the balance on the morning of the day that they would turn it on, according to their procedures.
If it is NOT going to be turned on, due to some glitch, you will know the same way; by checking the balance. In the latter case, you would be calling the caseworker, first thing in the morning.
So, (and this is a big so) ...
Why does the caseworker have to call you "within 2 business days" to tell you weather or not, at the end those 2 business days; your card will be turned on -which means everyone gets called, one way or another, when; only the people whose cards were NOT turned on would call in the latter case, to find out what is going on; cutting the number of calls down.
I think that it is either A: This gives the caseworker 2 whole days to delay turning a card on, (further substantiated by the fact that mine did not call upon the first business (yester)day and will now have the whole weekend to not call, and this buys the state 2 more days, which saves them about 13 dollars. Those 13 dollars's add up...
This is assuming that, if and when she calls on Monday, it won't be to inform me that my card will be turned on at some time in the future, saving the state more 13 dollers's...
This gives me time to maybe get a job LOL), to perish by starvation; or to procrastinate with something like: "I really need to get back on their ass about my food stamps, I keep sleeping too late to call the lady; but f*** it, at least I'm finding some mad Styrofoams all over the place lately with some real killer gourmet!!!  as a mantra.*
...if, and when, she calls on Monday...

This is saving the state a lot of money; and is only accomplished by putting the ball in the court of the food stamp applicant and making it incumbent upon them to act in some way to keep the process rolling. This really weeds a lot of nonfunctional-for-whatever-reason people out of the program.
* For example.
I had all my summer laundry hanging in the trees over my head Friday morning at the sign spot; and was able to get to the VA Center a little before 8, and put it in the laundry.
I was  going to nap, but decided that the Veaux Carre Baptist Church, on Dauphine Street might have some clothes which I could change into after stepping out of a hot shower; and they did!
I was soon stepping out onto Dauphine Street with "Steppin' Out" by Tony Bennet in my head and wearing clean kakkhis to go with a fine red tee shirt, a decently thick all-cotton fabric; with the logo of a cruise ship which goes to Italy on it; and rocking new socks.
I blogged, grabbed my clean laundry from the VA, stashed the clean laundry in the sign spot trees, took a short nap, of the kind that Napolean used to (it is said that he didn't sleep like normal people, but rather in short naps, here and there; probably didn't want to miss any warfare...
I wanted as light a pack as possible. The weight of the clothes might have been like "the straw which broke the laptops screen," of myth.
Probably about 40 bucks was made tonight. I haven't counted yet. I got salads and yogurt and fresh mushrooms and bean sprouts, a loaf of bread, an apple, a tin of sushi, and that is about it.


alex carter said...

OK I've got one of my rare times in contact with the internet here ... I need to download some "stock" photos of a couple of things, have two of the CD covers sketched out as far as basic layout, then I need to do more final sketches in my sketch pad, then I need to get some proper poster board and make sure the pen type I use is compatible, do a very good "pencil" on that than ink it .... then I need to buy a scanner and scan it, and since the guy I work for can't pay me this week I'm not in a hurry to do that.

Since files any larger than a meg, or half a meg, can't be sent over email (terrorism you know) I plan to burn the scans onto a CD to mail to you.

You need to email, send, reply, something, your mailing address to me. You need to do this often, in fact, I'm really surprised you don't take out the dead links you have to nonexistent "busking guides" and instead, put your mailing address in case anyone wants to send you something in the mail. I'll need an address to send the CD.

This will all take a week or two ... the economy is just as horrible out here in San Jose as it is anywhere.

Daniel McKenna said...

They even have stock photos of men having sex with mules?!? Wow!!
Ooops, I ruined your surprise...
I am, and will always be
I would put it up in place of dead links, but I don't ever want anyone to say that I am using my blog to beg for stuff...LOL!
I WILL get to all kinds of stuff like that; now that I can spend 6 hours a day on the computer; gee, did Orwell foresee this?..

alex carter said...

an email address does not help me, I need a physical address to send a physical CD to. Remember I live in San Jose, California, where the internet has barely been invented, where payphones are still on the corners, etc.

Putting your physical mail address will help you to cyber-skeeze, too. See I'm putting beer money in your pocket.