Sunday, May 25, 2014

In Rare Form

  • 57 Buck Friday
  • 60 Buck Saturday
  • 1 Dollar Sunday
I guess that I am in rare form, having had a 57 dollar Friday, and then a 60 dollar Saturday...
The First Noticeable Effects of Drinking Upon Me
These are only estimates; as I am drinking again, but in moderation when playing, so as to promote 60 dollar nights.
I continue to get complements on the harp playing, even as my 5 harmonicas have accumulated a collective 12 stuck notes, and the ones which aren't stuck are tonally challenged. The reeds are probably gummed with barley, hops, rice and pure mountain spring water.
Last night, I had an instance of the-guy-who-just-started-playing-guitar-at-the-age-of-21, who, in adherence to an apparent trend, thought that I was amazing, and tipped often, and accordingly.
It's the ones who throw another 5 dollar bill after each song which they like whom I need to come up with a snigglet for.
When I got a 20, at one point, I said out loud: "Freedom!" and then went on to explain that there are a lot of things that I like to do, other than busking, which a generous tip affords the freedom to pursue.
That being said, I now give you one of the worst pieces of art which I have ever rendered, and one upon which I squandered some of that freedom money.
Don't even ask what that thing across the forehead is...
It's a self portrait.
It sucks.
I started to experiment with the different "brushes" available with the Paint program which comes free with Wiindows.
I learned by trial and (see drawing) error.
There is promise there, and if I were to be taken on as a student by the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, I think there would be seen a drastic improvement in my brush technique.
Alex The Caricaturist
One thought that I am having is that Alex In California, a reader and most frequent commenter has offered to draw a CD cover or two, for me to use in the near future when I produce a CD.
I posted the above in order to set the bar, so to speak, on the level of artistic merit that I would like any forthcoming caricature to achieve.
Now I am off to try to find out about editing the mp3 files that I recorded at the Lilly spot, some of which might be worth posting as "demos."

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alex carter said...

Wow .. I thought I liked awful art but ... that is actually truly awful. Make it stop!

It's 3 CD covers I plan to do ... need to get a scanner, to scan them, they'll be in black and white and you can fill in colors as you choose. Just give me a week or so. Plus, I need your physical address to mail the physical CD that they'll be burned onto, to.