Sunday, May 18, 2014

What is the easiest way to stop this stupid thing that I am ?

Another musician, Mark has died at 43; a suicidal overdose on something, supposedly because of his Asian girlfriend; half his age. 
He always played the spot across from Rouses Market, after the heavy hitters left. Like Doreen's Jazz Band
He is dead; and the spot is open.
I never liked that spot.
His Asian girlfriend is available now, and I think about grabbing her, but, the couple times that she has come close to me, her body stench was such that I gleaned that she wasn't a sexual creature...If sexual intimacy is an important part of your life; you don't reek to high heaven like that.
She is as afraid of sex as the 8 year old who wets her bed to try to repulse her step-father. 
Too bad Mark killed himself supposedly over her.
Preakness Prediction Right On The Money
Ride On Curlin will "place" behind California Chrome (shown)

I had a lousy night and wound up with 3 
 less than I woke up with, but my horse grifting skills are still sharp.
It is now Sunday night. 
I have just turned Anna (the electric violinist from Poland) on to one of my spots near the casino, where I am now; and I can hear her soaring melodies over a pre-recorded loop soaring down Canal Street, as I sit here and blog.
She will make at least 100 bucks, because she is a 20 year old girl playing the violin; while I sit here making nothing except this blog post.
She just stopped right now. This is probably because a rich tourist stopped to ask her some inane question like: "How long have you been playing?," or "Are you classically trained?" to both of which she would have pat answers which won't impede the 20 dollar bill from going into her case.
I just had a conversation with her; after she came up and greeted me outside The Unique Boutique.
She praised the sign flying skeezers.
She said that the first person who agreed to work for "slave wages" was an idiot and opened a floodgate and ruined the world.
She said that anyone can work for themselves and applauded skeezers, even the ones that flew bogus signs about being hungry and broke and homeless; and then went off with containers of gourmet food to the store to buy expensive booze on their way to the hotel...."At the end of the day, they have done great...these people with all the money; they don't care how they spend it...they know they (the skeezers) are lying and they (the skeezers) know that they are lying, but it is a beautiful thing for them (the skeezers) to be able to run their own business and not have to deal with a boss that treats them like a slave."
I ventured to Anna that I could snatch up a young girl and sell her on the Internet, and she had no objections to that; since; I would thus be free from a boss who was only interested in getting rich off the sweat of my brow and I wouldn't be feeding into that system...
Wow. Polish girls, these days.
I just poked my head out and saw very few people out and Anna just stopped playing. 

obably is going to knock off because she is probably used to making Tanya Huang type of money, and has probably only made a measly twice as much as I have made the whole night in a half hour....and she won't play just for the love of it; as she is the musical equivalent of a lying skeezer. 
If people give her money for whatever reason; then, good for her, and they won't miss it because they are so stinking rich.
I told her that if she sacrificed for a few years and saved her money; she might just want to start a business, maybe a violin school, and then she might find it necessary to hire a janitor, yet only have enough in the budget to pay him the going-rate of 10 bucks an hour...then what, Anna, you slave driver? She will have to get back to me on that one.
She is a disciple of Waire? the other electric violinist, whom I have sketched the skeleton of a profile of, in a past post.
He makes such great money, playing random notes over a 2 chord loop (e minor to G major 7, for example) that Anna was instantly drawn to him upon her arrival. They've been seen kissing.
She was very friendly and seems to look upon me with admiration, because I am an entrepreneur, like herself.
But, if I were to adopt her philosophy, then I would, by hook or crook, get myself an electric violin or equivalent, learn how to stay in pitch on the thing; paint my body purple and play it at 90 decibels; not necessarily playing anything recognizable (as this is not advisable, because people will know that you haven't a clue musically if and when you screw up the familiar tune) wearing only a purple bikini bottom....and maybe my hat.
Then, Anna and I will soon be clinking our martini glasses together on the balcony of the hotel overlooking the French
Quarter, and toasting "To the stupid, arrogant 1% who run the world and fill our tip baskets!!!"

There are plenty of performers who look at the business of busking as just that -a business. If you are going to give up 6 hour of your life; and you can do it one way and make $350.00, or do it another way and make $30.00, then, which is better? 
Unless your goals are more far-reaching and you hope to someday have a million-selling hit song about playing for peanuts and sleeping under a wharf...but that requires an equally sound business strategy which must be ardently put into motion...
I had another shitty night, money-wise, 9 dollars, or something.
If I spend 5 on weed, then I can't get American Spirits; If I get American Spirits, then I can only get one beer; if I get coffee filters then I can get neither.

This is the worst couple of days that I have had since I came here.
The fact that I have just began drinking again after 30 days off is just a coincidence.
Right now I am pissed off at everything; not the least of whh i this fucking lapo0, whih when ( try t0 type jnormally, spts out garbage like this....and I have to pent more time hitting th3 bak qane th3 delet3 buttons instead of juw5 typingg...

Once again I think about quitting.
...let Anna inherit the earth.


alex carter said...

I hate to say it, but at least the Polish girl *knows* she's a skeezer, and *knows* she's not going to make a million-selling album because one day everyone will wake up and crave a song about living under a bridge and playing for peanuts.

I'm going to venture the theory that you're not actually dumb enough to think enough picking away for drunk tourists will get you a huge contract with A&M Records or whoever it is these days, but rather, you're simply slumming it until your parents pass on and leave you a house or two plus whatever trust funds are attached. I've seen this before.

Daniel McKenna said...

Playing on my spot outside Lillys; man comes to the stoop one night;
smoked a big cigar and drove a Cadillac car; say's "boy I think this skeezers out of sight!" Whoa!!
Sign a record company contract; we've both got great expectations...." etc.

alex carter said...

0/10, would not listen again.

Besides, if this gal does stink, well, you probably smell to high heaven too, so what's the problem. Two can stink as cheap as one.