Saturday, May 17, 2014

Preakness Prediction and Ricks Last Two Nights Here

  • Rick And I Break Off
  •  Preakness Prediction

*Horse Race Theme plays on violin*
Ride On Curlin will "place" behind California Chrome (shown)
After waking up Saturday morning; sleeping sideways on my bed, so that I could accommodate Rick, who was at the other end and still pretty sound asleep at 12:45 p.m., which was the time that I had designated, approximately 8 hours earlier, as the time that I had planned upon coming out from under the dock, before the boat came back between 1:08 and 1:18 p.m., and after getting 8 hours of sleep.
I didn't bother to stir him, because time wasn't that critical.
I thought about the 15 dollars which I had in my pocket, after a night when we had split $46.90 at the Lilly spot.
Not as bad an average per hour, if you factor in the solid hour which we took off to go get beer and weed -things which could have been already provided for, had I woken up with more than 2 dollars on me that morning -and the hour being the one between 11:40 p.m. and 12:40 a.m, which is in the "lucrative" window of opportunity.
It may have cost us 39 dollars to run that errand; but we were pretty much in agreement in that; I wanted another beer pretty badly, and Rick wanted some weed pretty badly. And it was my own fault for letting myself become broke.
We went in 3 dollars each on American Spirit cigarettes and 5 each on weed, and that is where a third of my take for that night went.
Rick seemed very pleased to have made 24 bucks; but  I was thinking about the laundry that I desperately need to do, along with a shopping list of things to replace; and about how I had forgotten to get water (how much of an essential is THAT to forget) and didn't blog at Harrahs like I had been doing; and how sleeping sideways and blowing off my habits like reading Dickens by candlelight, doing my push ups and pull ups and things like in the morning had been neglected.
\I decided that I wanted to go back to being a loner; and told Rick as politely as I could, first thing in the morning without my having had coffee.
I didn't want him to stash his sleeping bag in the girders, because that would be like him booking himself in for another night.
A little more like Rick
"Do you want to busk for about an hour and a half tonight," I asked.
He was stonily silent for a few seconds before saying that he might come by and jam, but in a tone of voice which said "I don't need you and your 24 dollar spot."
I just felt that we had about an hour of tight sounding, somewhat rehearsed, stuff, and that we had lost out on a certain amount of tip money by practicing on the spot (as opposed to busking on the spot).
He took it pretty well, but seemed a little hurt and angry.
I'm just not ready to start a band with someone and become instant cardboard-mates, after it had taken me almost 2 years to work my way into the circumstances which I now "enjoy." At least not the cardboard part...

And, I get cranky when the money gets tight...a bit.

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