Monday, May 12, 2014

Trying To Restore, Reset And Relax

Stoking The Star Maker Machinery

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I don't know what is weighing upon my mind the most right now....
I have ads running in the background as I type with no immediate plan to delve into how to remove things from this laptop, like Yahoo Toolbar. A box popped up with a Seinfeld episode playing on it, unbidden.
I'm afraid that Google and Firefox and Yahoo are going to fight over my computer and tear it up in the process. I will go get Ubuntu on DVD if I have to, in order to get rid of this free-with-strings-attached Windows 8 system.

The thing has infiltrated the whole computer, changing the behavior when I log on (proxy server not found) causing letters to appear here a slit second after I type them, a lag...and I want my homepage in Firefox to pop up on my blog.
Starbucks wants Google to pop up instead of Firefox and to be displaying the Starbucks home page with its limited time offers and subliminal suggestions to add a scone to your next order.
My money has dwindled down, but I thought that it would after I got this laptop. I had planned upon spending hours getting caught up on all its aspects, living off a loaf of bread and a bottle of water each day for a while.
I am drinking again, 3 day running.
I got up this morning and soon realized, after making a list, that I have about 10 "chores" each morning, and this is part of the reason that it seems to be taking me a long time between waking up and actually leaving the place.
#1. Sit up, mix instant coffee in water with honey (optional); begin to sip it. Inventory cigarettes. Account for money.
#2. Roll up the sleeping bag and stuff it up into the girders. Take this time while prone and with my head at the foot of the cardboard, to do a set of pull ups to the girders and then push ups (declined, as my foot is about a foot lower than my head.
#3. Check food leftovers; toss some in the river; secure some in the lockable cooler.
#4. Empty the tinfoil pan "chamberpot," (if applicable) by putting a rock in it and tossing it out into the river.
#5. Bag up all trash in sight, place bag next to guitar, which has been positioned ready to shoulder.
#5. Pack backpack with laptop, notepad in binder which also protects laptop somewhat; extra shirt or hoodie, sharks, flashlight etc. Make sure all pockets are tied tightly, because most things that fall out onto the rocks disappear forever.
#6. Put money in left rear pocket, cigarettes and light in front left. Mp3 player or phone in front right, set to "camera," in case I encounter something photo worthy.
#7. Fold up quilt which goes under sleeping bag into a small square pad, which makes a good cushion to sit upon.
#8. Brush teeth and swish mouthwash.
#9. Put all objects, especially shiny ones out of sight onto the backs of girders; a skeezer just going under the dock out of curiosity or rebelling against the "no trespassing" insignia stenciled upon the outside girder, might scale the entire bank of rock, drawn by the glimmer of a shiny object...
#10. Make deposit to the "3% jar," hide it

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alex carter said...

Wow even more selfie-tastic than most of your posts lol.