Sunday, May 11, 2014

Treading Water

Ok, people,
0 Dollar Friday 
-It rained very hard, there was a large puddle on Carondelet Street, right off of Canal, and people were generally walking in beach type rubber sandals, or barefooted holding their trouser legs up out of the puddle.
Can't We All Just Get Along?
It did stop raining, and I could have gone, 'round midnight, to the Lilly spot and set up, after having grabbed a milk crate from outside The Quartermaster, which is the little store on the corner right up the street one block from where Leslie Thompson used to live; where we had a fistfight right in front of, and where (the store) he is barred from for life, or for the life of the current owner, because of having made disparaging remarks about homosexuals, during the Decadence Festival, about 4 month ago, it seems.
It's funny how a drunk whose lips become loosened to the point where they flap in peoples faces once his blood alcohol level falls into line with that phenomenon, can hold his tongue about homosexuals year round, but, at a time when homosexuals flocked here for the festival and were congealed into crowds, especially like in front of Lafitts Blacksmith Shop Tavern to the point where one had to squeeze through fags just to get anywhere; this was the time that Leslie boiled over and compromised his access to $2.49 Fosters Lager "oil cans,"  just one block from home, because he was responding to the stimulus of thousands of gay guys. Pity.
But that is where I would grab a milk crate from, in order to not be sitting right on the wet sidewalk by Lillys stoop. I am alright with them.
I have never even brought up the subject of sexual orientation there "...So, what exactly is it that garners this business the designation of "gay store?"
But, rather, have always pulled out wads of money.
I used to go there when I was crashing at Leslies place, and it seems like I always had a lot of money around that time. I had the $208 dollar night at the Lilly spot while crashing there; and made the unfortunate decision to brag a bit about that money, after extracting it from my backpack and pouring it onto Leslies rug -the rug right in front of the bed upon which he lies staring at the ceiling, hypnotized by the fan and trying to conceive of a way to get drunk -and it being all crumbled and blown up looking like popcorn to the size of almost a basketball.
But, they probably wouldn't say anything about me grabbing a milk crate to sit on.
The whole notion about money talking, (money having a voice and literally talking to me might help get me housing through Unity -note to self) has nowhere been more in evidence than at that store where, after I had pulled out that wad of money, there, soon after the $208 night, I never had a problem.
But, I didn't go out to play; but rather sat up on this laptop playing with it until the sun came up.
Saturday, I made just about  enough to replace what I had spent.
10 Dollar Saturday
And, I am going full steam ahead in trying to maximize the utility of this laptop, and am encountering resistance.
I went in search of free music and wound up having Yahoo Toolbar permanently? on my computer and it has caused all kinds of programs to run in the background, chewing up resources and purportedly speeding up my computer and keeping it free from viruses as I type up a story on a word processor.
I have not been able to boot up off of the USB drive upon which I downloaded the Ubuntu Linux operating system.
I'm sure that I will find a way to do it. I am sure that Windows is right now trying to discourage me.
And Yahoo is running ads and I went to the control panel and uninstalled it; but it is still there...
I need to eat and go to sleep; it is almost 4 in the morning....
It would be nice to be able to ride a bike out into the country and get away from it all...

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