Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Oh, Goodness

"Brown Eyed Women And Red Grenadine" -Grateful Dead
I might have made 11 dollars this Tuesday night.
This, after having gone back under the dock at about 8 in the morning, reading Charles Dickens until about 10, and then sleeping well until 4, before emerging as the sun was setting.
I went, pretty much straight to the Lilly spot, after stopping for a chance to spend myself down to about a dollar on a beer at Sydneys.
One of the new employees came out and bought one of my American Spirit cigarettes for 50 cents and asked me: "Are you the one that has the blog?"
To which I said yes, and he told me that he had read it.
It is now almost 5 in the morning, and it looks like I will be sleeping most of Wednesday.
I scooted from the Lilly spot, due to light presence of people; and traded some of my food stamps for cash and then scooted to the Unique Boutique for my second beer and a sack of weed from a guy who happened to be there and who saved me a 4 block walk and hooked me up.
I went back to the Lilly spot and played and thought I did well in getting tips from almost all of the handful of people out.
My First New Audacity Mixdown
But, I give you all a sample recording; made at the Lilly spot; 900 block of Bourbon Street; Just a guy with a guitar. Click to hear song.
The harmonica IS in there, but only briefly during the bridge (the part where Delilah Jones has the roof cave in on her; snuffing out her life). It is heavily and meticulously processed and had to be quite subdued, so as to not step on the all important vocals elucidating Delilahs fate.
The mp3 player has a built in mic which seems to cut the low end out, and I equalized it to compensate, but had to trade off between making the guitar sound better at the expense of pushing the vocals down even further.
The best arrangement for live recording that I have come up with is to use the harmonica harness to hold the mp3 recorder, instead of the harmonica, and, that way it is about 8 inches from my mouth and allows me to sing without pushing my voice to a bit of raspy-ness, as heard.


alex carter said...

After some fiddling (lol!) around I got it to work, somehow.

It sounds OK I guess. I can't tell what you're actually saying but with me that goes for a lot of songs; how disappointing it's been to find out how puerile most songs' lyrics really are.

You sound like you know .... a lot of chords.

Blogger said...

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