Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Drunk On Something

At it again "Drunk On Something," from the Lilly Spot
This is an mp3 that I recorded at the Lilly spot, it has glitched, but the first song is the "hardest" one that I know; as far as it having more than 12 chords.
The morning started with me returning to the dock well after sunup and being spotted by someone on the boat, who yelled some garbled thing to the effect of, "Don't go under there!"
I went to the sign spot and slept fitfully until 3 this afternoon.
I then went to the library and caught up on some things, like mixing the above segment of a jam.
I think I have my little 40 dollar mp3 recorder sounding about as good as it is possible, using equalization and radical reverberation settings..
Sqeezers were like mosquitos.
I had one walk up to me and just about demand a cigarette as I was charging this laptop by a building. He walked over with a purpose, as if he was just not going to be denied a cigarette.
I didn't give him an American Spirit, I said: "I just have enough for myself," and stared at him, challenging him to overcome that logic.
I now go to get my food card from T. and a bit of cash, and then will play for a while.
Tonight, I will try to get back into the routine of going under the dock, eating and reading and sleeping; by returning at my old hour of about 1:30 a.m, as that seemed to have worked for months.


alex carter said...

"Cigar truck Charlie in his newspaperness..."

I love nonsense, the music in this one.... maybe it's just not filtering through.

Daniel McKenna said...

Cigar chewing Charlie in his newspaper nest; grifting hot horse tips on who's running the best...

alex carter said...

Wow so I heard it right for a change .... usually the lyrics I think I hear are a lot more fun than the ones the artist actually sings.

So .... let me see if I've got this right .... you've complained about not having your food card working, so you could buy things like olive oil and foods you're not allergic to, and when you get it turned on, the first things you buy with it, fraudulently, are BEER and WEED???

I think I can find some worthy charity who could use a few CD covers before I'd do 'em for a skeezer.

Daniel McKenna said...

No, I bought the big bottle of olive oil and apple cider vinegar to help with the healthy salads and cooking over the fire...and, the girl who I trade food money with, who works at
Rouses seems to be some kind of sorceress who can conjure up all kinds of foods of the type that she knows I like 'cause she has rung them up for me in the past, and make them magically appear in the first of the 3 trash cans and near the top at the end of the night.
And that is of more value money-wise than what I take off the's the karmic wheel in motion!
How serendipitous is it that a can of coconut milk would become dented an discarded along with a pound of ground coffee?!?

alex carter said...

No, you bought beer and weed. I could complain about my tax dollars and blah blah but at my income level, I just pay into Social Security.

No matter how you slice it, you're trading your food stamps for cash and buying cigs and booze and weed, way to go.

Daniel McKenna said...

Maybe this is an analogy; A guy hands a panhandler 10 bucks, and then walks off.
Then another guy walks up and hands him 10 bucks and say's "just don't spend this on beer and weed, that's all I ask"
And so the panhandler makes sure that he spends only the first guys 10 dollars on beer and weed;
So, yeah....I spent it on beer and weed..
But the food stamp money still went into the cash register at the market, finding its way into the pockets of the cashier, the guy that stocked the shelves the guy that cleaned up a spill in aisle 6; the truck drivers who ran the string beans from Idaho to Louisiana, hopped up on Red Bull or Monster or another fine product; the farmers, the fertilizer and feed store owners; the crop dusting pilots; the cucumber pickers; and even the biologists developing ways to genetically modify corn and make one kernel the size of a pound cake;
I'm still greasing the wheels of this great agrarian nation, as soon as Tiffany spends the money to feed her and her 4 adorable kids...
Why, even the garlic growers and the garlic pickers and those who ship garlic worldwide....surely you see my point....LOL
All kidding aside, trading food stamps for cash works out, because really, my friend has 4 kids and works for whatever the hell they pay her there; and somehow I seem to find copious amounts of just the kind of food I like, organized into one bag and thrown out; i.e. I eat better out of the trash than if I went in the store and used my card for food....
I don't know if it makes sense; but I'm not hurting myself in the transaction..
I need a beer and some weed now...after all that typing...

I feel so patriotic.

alex carter said...

When I was on food stamps, I spent them on ... food. I hardly drank at the time, anyway, and I don't smoke cigs or weed.

Hell no you're not hurting yourself, not any more than you'd be hurting yourself by being a pickpocket, car thief, etc. That's the whole point of your way of doing things, "screw the social contract, I've got mine".