Saturday, February 14, 2015

EnVie Cafe at Midnight

11th Day Sober In The Books
I am at EnVie Cafe, it is about midnight.

I slept all day, after having been up all night, working on "Purple Heart," a song which is slated to be on the CD, which I am working on. I also completed about 20% of the jigsaw puzzle.

Waking up at 6 PM was not such a crisis, as I no longer have to deal with the 9 PM closing time of Starbucks, having now the 1 AM closing time of EnVie to deal with. The walk to EnVie is a full 12 blocks further than Starbucks, but when I emerge from it, I am only a 4 minutes walk to the Lilly spot, which is my usual destination upon leaving Starbucks.

But, after leaving Starbucks, I usually walked Royal Street, past a dozen street musicians, and this could put a strain upon me time-wise, stopping to chat with each one of them usurping up to an hour of my busking time. Plus, they are never a reliable indicator of how busy the Lilly spot will be; and are often a backwards indicator. The 44 dollar night that I had there took place, as a matter of fact, after I had walked a length of Royal Street and had been asked for a cigarette by Reggie, a guy who sits and sings with only his hand clapping for accompaniment.

If I stay here until closing time, I guess I will afterwards play the Lilly spot from about 1:15 AM, until about 2:15, and then get a cable car back home.

Unity is having some kind of pot luck meal tomorrow, as part of Mardi Gras. There is all kinds of stuff sitting in the median of Canal Street by the apartments which would indicate that a parade is to pass by tomorrow. Tents, tables, grills and bleachers were strewn along the way as I walked here, earlier.

That is about all that is on my mind; I want to make some kind of money in the hour or so that I plan to play; on my 11th day sober.

I'm planning upon coming out tomorrow (Saturday) which is forecast to be warmer than the 45 degrees now, and sunny.

I am falling into the same trap as the last time that I was sober for 12 days. That time, I decided to drink because I was procrastinating on my recording project; smoking weed (which can make me feel insecure and self conscious, or make me start to invent a new song which I never finish, rather than work on the 12 or so which I have already started) and I was thinking that a good bottle of red wine would get the creative juices flowing; but instead, it was kind of like adding water to my gas tank, so to speak; with diminishing returns; and recordings which I ultimately erased and did over; sober.

So, that is where it stands; let me run this through the Perl program and then add a couple pictures manually; and then see if there is any money out there on a cold Friday night after a couple of Mardi Gras parades have ran.

History would affirm that there will be at least one guy who wants to play my guitar and will drop me 10 bucks; or a group that wants to sing together on a familiar tune, like "Hey Jude," by the Beatles and will drop me some cash.

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