Saturday, February 14, 2015

There Must Be Money Here

  • EnVie Cafe At 10:45
  • 71 Dollar Friday
  • The scene that greeted me
    through my window
  • Saturday Arrival 2 Hours Earlier

71 Dollars In Less Than 2 Hours

Here was the scene out my window; as I left for the Quarter on foot; the trolleys are kind of not running, due to the congestion.

I slept most of the day, being up until dawn working on the puzzle and such.

I made 71 dollars in an hour and 45 minutes last night; a lot of it was from "the friend of the guy who wants to play your guitar."

He could see that his friend was enjoying himself and the Takamine, and threw me 20 bucks.

Before that, I had gotten another 20 while ripping up a harmonica solo.

I was in EnVie Cafe until they closed at 1 AM, and not at the Lilly spot until about 15 minutes later; but wound up playing until 3 AM, despite the fact that it meant a walk home, as the last trolley is at 2:30 AM.

I almost should have played until sunup, as there was still a crowd as I packed up at 3.

Beauty Secret #3: Don't Sleep
My plan then, was to play a lot longer today (Saturday) and I am in position to do so, it being about 8:30 PM now, and myself just needing to walk the 40 minute walk to EnVie, and post this up quickly; maybe over just one espresso; and then play the Lilly spot on this 12th day without alcohol; for as long as I can go. When I get tired of it; or feel that I have run out of ideas; I will just sit there and wait for either inspiration; or a request; or the guy who wants to play your guitar (for 20 dollars).

And, this is my quick post. There will be plenty of time after Fat Tuesday to blog; and to do just about anything else, when it is not keeping me from a potential .$50/hr. busking.

The key of C harmonica still has all its holes working; and my 2 spotlights have fresh batteries; yowsa!

I am thinking (left) that, after I go out now and play from 11:20 PM until 4? AyM, and see what that yields; I must consider doing a marathon set of 12 hours ala Tanya and Dorise, perhaps from noon on Fat Tuesday until after midnight on thin Wednesday. Even if I spend long intervals just sitting there with the guitar. People DO come along and say: "What have you got?" and usually throw a tip, even if what you've got isn't their cup of tea. I can be pretty much assured, due to my physical appearance and presence that people are expecting to hear pretty much what comes out of me; there is a lot of "upside" by dint of my still appearing like a homeless traveling musician; and there are a lot of crappy homeless traveling musicians in town for the festivities; that the tourists tend to draw the line somewhere beneath me, when it comes to whom to tip.
A lot of them tell me to "keep on doing what you're doing."
Now, it's off to the Lilly spot, where I pray there is not already a musician set up; some out of town sort, who has set up there just because he saw me there, and concluded: This is another spot where musicians play; there must be money here...

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