Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Look, I Drank The Skyye Vodka

I sat in the EnVie Cafe until it was pretty late; and then I stepped out into cold air which stung my fingers. I could remember playing in such temperatures when I had nothing else to do but go under a dock to sleep; something I am starting to miss.
I also miss my connection with nature and the way the rats would crawl up on me and I would pet them...I am thinking of giving up my apartment....
Not really.
Mardi Gras is over; and I have amassed a certain amount of money right around 200 bucks. It seems a pittance; and if I don't continue to make decent money in the coming weeks then it will in retrospect be a pittance.
Today, I wrote out an extensive itinerary; all of which I have accomplished so far. I went to the trolley stop and purchased an all day pass, then got off at the Big Easy store and bought a newspaper, along with a pint of brandy.
Last night, after having gone the whole festival sober, I drank the vodka, mixed with pickle juice, and stayed up until sunrise; and embarked upon the mission that I am on now. My purpose for stopping at this library was to do this post, and to burn a couple albums to my little jump drive, and then to use my all day bus pass to go to the music store and Wal-Mart and then back home.\
I am recording some of my best material in my home studio; and I am about to focus upon that; but will come out and busk to keep solvent.

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alexcarterartist said...

Haha look up the Wikipedia on Skyy vodka, it goes into loving detail on how it's made in my dear old hometown of San Hosey, CA. Terms like "bulk ethanol" are used.