Saturday, February 21, 2015

There Probably Is A Devil

I drank the Skyy vodka; and then, I came into town on a shopping trip; I had a long list of things that I wanted to apply the wad of money in obtaining.
I managed to buy 36 batteries for the spotlight; a brass slide for the guitar; and I obtained two very good towels from the VA center; a string holding peg for the guitar, which has been eluding me; and; I got a 1.75 liter bottle of Absolut vodka off of a street guy; on the very night that I had drank the Skyy and then gone into town.
I wasn't busking that night. There were 2 very cold nights.
I had run into David the water jug player on Canal Street and I was just drunk enough, and just carrying about 187 dollars enough to have jumped at the opportunity to purchase a 50 dollar bottle of vodka for 20 dollars.
David sure was encouraging; he knows a good deal (for me) when he sees it, I guess.
I brought the thing home with me and placed it on the coffee table; thinking "What if Darren (one of the other tenants; who skeezed 2 cigarettes off me my first day here) were to see this sitting on my coffee table. 
The Dylan Song (click; hear)
I Hope the link above works; it is an attempt to recreate my street sound....But, it isn't working for me when I click on it.
An Horrible Day
Clicking the link above bring you to a cover song which represents the latest in sound quality; which I have been able to achieve so far.
There were about 5 songs that were equal candidates to be put on this blog; but; this one is simple and I did it after having had quite the misfortune the previous day.


  1. Red writing on a black background is very hard to read! I had a spoof "radio hack" page back in the 90s and it was even hard for me to read.

  2. Hi Daniel,the link works, love the song brings back lots of memories !


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