Tuesday, February 24, 2015

To Pay For The Shipping

 There is a more extensive post coming; but I am pressed for time......

I have been vexed over my failure to be able to post up any music to this blog using my prior mp3 hosting site. The only thing that I can think of to attribute this to is my recent deletions of several recordings that I have listened to and deemed "garbage," given my current environment with the Snowball microphone and the peace of mind which I enjoy within my apartment, where I don't fear that someone will conk me over the head with a 2X4 and steal my laptop when I am in the middle of trying to render a song.
Ever since I deleted those old recordings, I have been able to apparently post up new stuff; but not be able to play them back.
I might have to open another account with them under a different e-mail address; or go to another "free" mp3 hosting site.
I really should just wait until I have gotten my CD entirely mastered and then just mail copies out to specific people, using the money that I garner from selling them alongside myself as I busk, to pay for the shipping.


  1. I seriously wonder if putting your stuff on Youtube would be easier. Tons more listenters on youtube, and I listen to tons of stuff that just has a still picture of the record cover or something - you could use your art!

  2. I tried that and I think I needed to upload it as an mp4 file (or something that is a dual audio/video format, even though the "video" would just be a still picture) I couldn't just load up the mp3; either that, or I needed to open an "account" on Youtube; and there was a glitch; but; how hard would it be to ask around, like in the coffee house where every 20-something is sitting there on an i-phone or a tablet; and in a "music" city like this; to boot; I'll ask Brian Hudson or Dorise Blackmon...

  3. Oh goddamnit, it's getting harder to share music than back in the day when you're just sell tapes. See Strongbad episode "Cool Tapes" it's funny BTW.

    I'm concerned with this myself, because I'll eventually run into this problem once I get good enough to put on youtube etc.

    I think you should fall back on my original suggestion: That you forget about putting yourself on youtube etc and just work on getting good enough that the Kool Kids will record video and spread your stuff around on youtube etc. The Kool Kids are the ones with solid-gold iPhones and $500 a month connect plans and are either audio/video engineers or they ask their butler to go out and hire one....

    The thing for YOU to do then, if you depend on the Kool Kids, is to come up with a distinctive look, since you'll be on video. Have a URL or your name on your guitar, always wear a purple hat with a yellow smiley button, etc. It worked for "Homeless Mustard".

  4. That group that rapped over me playing and tipped me a 50 are most certainly going to post all of their "Trip to NOLA for Mardi Gras" stuff on Youtube, especially if they thought it came out well; and the fact that they went for like 26 minutes might mean that they did; but; of course, if I posted that up somewhere, it would be like: I'm the guy in the background; but; maybe just being seen with their eminences could put me in demand as a session man for some of the hottest up and coming hip hop and R&B talent..."He's the guy that played on "We're on Bourbon Street, MotherF***ers!" and I read in Spin magazine that no other rappers had ever thought about rapping over Bob Dylan before them....
    Facetiousness aside, Tanya and Dorise aren't making as much on CD sales as Neil Young these days because they are flying out of the record stores (It's technically a bunch of cover tunes; and just Dorise's attitude away from elevator music) they are selling them on the spot to people who want to say "I saw them live; I talked to them; I gave them; they played the Titanic song just for us!" -It's the same concept of a politician kissing a baby; the parents will vote for them just upon the chance that they might say one day, "Little Eggfart was kissed by the president of The United States, sure was!"
    So, Youtube is more like a long shot...Can I get a song about a carcass to go viral and parlay it into wealth and fame?...Whereas the 15 dollar CD's (Yeah, I'll take 10, you seem like nice people) by your side are more like the Ol' Faithfull which gushes every day.
    It's the "who knows, maybe this guy will be famous one day" effect; and being bizarre, unique or "out there" fuels that speculative muse....
    Even though Homeless Mustard has a worse singing voice than me on a bad day; I'll bet there were people who jumped up off their couches and yelled "I smoked a joint with that dude...I'm Famous!!!

  5. Sorry but homeless mustard kicks your ass musically but be as it may... Put a URL or some recognizable name on your guitar so the kool kids with their solid gold iphones can get it right.

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