Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blog Falling Off

nSince "falling off the wagon," almost a week ago now, my blogging has definitely fallen off, too.
I haven't been staying up over coffee and writing 7,000 word posts, nor doing much else 'cept working on music in the studio.
There have been glitches; like the night that I erased the entire nights work before going to sleep in some kind of blackout state. Imagine my surprise (but not surprise) at discovering that in the morning.
To my credit; I pushed ideas that I had erased something irreplacable, and that my attempt to recreate it was doomed to fall short of its goal; and re-did what I had deleted; and probably did it better.
Other than that; food card charges in less than 3 hours with 194 bucks, and I might just retire to my apartment and eat healthy and begin another dry period.
I found a book about smoking cessation in the "book room" at the apartments...I am reading it over cigarettes now.....
gotta go, Starbucks closing..... in jail again are you?


  1. Working on a CD ranks above blogging, frankly.

    I've wiped my blogs clean, it seems there's no real reason for me to have one, plus I think I've hit on something regarding trumpet playing I'm not sure I want to share hehe.

    Someday I will visit NOLA, when I can kick ass on the trumpet I might do something like come out there for a couple of weeks and play on the street there. Blast a few guitar players lol.

  2. "If you can play any Chet Baker, I will give you this 50 dollar bill!" awaits you here; builds character; that....
    "Here's a Baker piece that most people don't know about; it's called "The Merry Men," you might recognize it...LOL

  3. Chet's well known stuff is not that technically challenging, its a matter of getting into the feel of time music. I've actually gotten good responses from playing Chet baker material. I had a 4-dvd set of movies i paid something like 50 bucks for just to have the one about Chet, I wish I still had it. But there's a CD with Chet playing stuff from the film...

  4. "Shipbuilding," by Elvis Costello...check it out; tell me who you think the trumpet player might be...and it came about because Elvis was in town (here) and the trumpet player just happened to be be playing right across the street; and, of course he didn't know who the hell Elvis was, when approached to play on the song..


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