Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some Stupid Software

My Own Program??
Can you believe this?
I ran a "virus and malicious software" scan on my hard drive.
It deleted my Perl program! which I wrote (in just under 75 hours) to format my text, and such.
Granted, what I learned while doing it will be invaluable in helping me to re-write it...
The virus program thought that it might be a malicious program which could run amok and change every paragraph in the world to a different color and enlarge the first 3 words of each. The scan program is a prime suspect in the disappearance. Imagine my surprise when my Perl program was no longer in the directory that I created just to store my Perl scripts.
Does the virus scan program think that every executable script is malicious? Why wouldn't it prompt me in some way with something like: "About to delete

I wonder if, when I leave wi-fi enabled, even when my computer is just sitting in my apartment being used as a recording studio, that I am not leaving a portal open for someone to hack into my machine. I enable "airport mode" now, when I have my laptop on at home....

Hello world.
You have to "download mp3" 
My Friend Sue

The above link brings you to the Kiwi site where my music is (right now, but maybe not for long) and, once there, one must "download" the thing and then play it with a media player.
One cannot click on "listen" to listen immediately. This might be due to the fact that I have named things after copy written entities; and maybe I am on probation with them. I haven't signed up for an upgraded (paid) account with them, either.

I like a lot about the song; and consider it at just about 50 % complete.

 I am composing this while the mp3 hosting site struggles (it

seems) to upload what I have been working on the past couple

of days, a version of "My Friend Sue," which actually appeared

on this blog about 2? years ago, with a backing track of drums

which I downloaded for free and which I figured out later were

intentionally skewed so that, if someone tried to use them on a

recording; instead of listening to them as a sample and then

paying money to subscribe to drumbeats dot com, or whatever,

the person would find that the drumbeats were intentionally

skewed, so that measures were missing beats here and there

and the person would give up upon trying to use them;

especially not "commercially."
Well, I have been reworking "My Friend Sue," which is about

the Colombian lady named Sue* who was kind of my girlfriend,

in the sense that nobody else in the city was having sex with

her; and nobody else was sleeping in the same sleeping bag as

her on cold winter nights but not having sex with her; and so, I

guess she was my girlfriend. For almost 2 years.
Rather than play to downloaded drumbeats which were skewed

so that they were a challenge to use; I have used only for

percussion, a wind chime which was given to me by Tim, my

I plan to add a shaker (which, along with a tambourine, was

one of the instruments that Sue the Colombian lady played) and

some kind of solo during the quiet section 3/4ths of the way

through the song where only the wind chimes are heard over

the basic track.
This may actually become a wind chime solo, if I were to boost

their level a bit and maybe add some kind of effect to their

sound. For some reason, the wind chimes chimed right on the

beat, as I "played" them, using the longest tine to hit the other

shorter ones in an attempt to play a melody. It seemed like,

even if I missed the note, there was some kind of happy

accident where the rest of the chimes just banged into each

other on the beat.
But, I leave this to the listener, if in fact the song can be

listened to. I have named it and added explicitly that it is an

original song; so that the person who is "manually" adding

mp3's to the site won't balk in the same way that she did when

I posted the "Rolling Stone" thing....
It was Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone," but it probably wasn't

a good idea to allude, in the title, to a band that played at the

frggin' Superbowl.
So, now I go to try to post the work in progress "My Friend, Sue."

*I always doubted that that was her real name; and the reason that we are not still together today is that hovering, lingering doubt about her integrity in that regard. She was Colombian; so why wouldn't she at least be "Suzanna?"


Alex said...

I'm not gonna listen to your music, first its too awful, secondly I'm limited to the very shitty tablet internet experience 90% of the time these days. Really just concentrate on looking good, and if you can swing it, sounding good, and enough rich kids will film you on their iPhone and your videos go viral like happened for homeless mustard.

Alex said...

Welp, now I think you ARE in jail.

Daniel McKenna said...

No, not in the clink; just putting a serious effort into the music...recording into the late evenings; when after the coffee shops/wi-fi sites are closed; or, going to the Lilly Spot to make money, rather than posting something inferior.....
It's kind of ironic that you would stop listening to my music at this particular time; as, I feel that I am making some good "adjustments" and nearing some of the best stuff that I have ever recorded (late 80's).

Alex said...

With regards to your music I feel like charlie brown when Lucy is holding the football for him haha!

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