Friday, August 28, 2015

46 Dollar Thursday

10 Dollar Friday
Thursday night, I played for 2 hours and made about 38 bucks, right at my average.
Then I got another 8 bucks for posing for this picture for 3 photographers from New Jersey.

The slow season will be officially over next week when the decadence festival arrives.
Friday night, the tourists seemed to be of the same kind as they were two weeks prior; walking by and ignoring.
One skeezer tried to work a couple right in front of me; and the couple wound up telling him that they just didn't have any money; then the guy looked at me and said; "I wish I had some for you; sorry."
And so that is probably the reality. There are people here taking advantage of discount tourism packages because they are not rich and because it is the slow season. I was happy to have made the 10 bucks.
Plus, there is a tendency for either Friday or Saturday to be a good night, but not both. I will try to put in my 3 hours tonight.
I have completed 11 days without drinking and have about 50 bucks in my pocket to show for it. I would have more, but I ran my food card out with a whole week left in the month, and have been buying my food every day with cash; plus my energy drinks and cigarettes.
I now go to get a new set of guitar strings; and a new solar powered light, as some skeezer here at Sacred Heart Apartments has finally stolen mine from the spot where I set it outside in the sun to charge during the day.
What is a skeezer going to do with a light which only comes on in the dark and needs to be recharged in the sunlight? I think a skeezer is just genetically programmed to take anything that is not nailed down. "It's a material object and I'm going to snag it; and that's that!" thinks the skeezer.
That's going to cost me 10 bucks to replace, and then I will need to find a spot that is in full sunlight but is hidden from skeezers.
The problem is that skeezers have nothing better to do than watch people to see where they go and what they are doing, and they will follow after me to find out why I walked over to a certain spot and then came right back out; just in case I hid something.

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