Monday, December 28, 2015

If I Know My Skeezers

Louise came and took a bunch of her stuff out of my place yesterday.
She never mentioned giving me the 20 dollars that she "promised" to give me for storing her stuff.
I am pretty sure that she is trying to get out of here without paying me another cent.
She paid me about 20 bucks in cash, a can of peanut butter and one of jelly, a whole lot of toilet paper, a nice can opener, a few candles and a couple micro fiber clothes to wipe things down with.
In hindsight, everything that she brought into the apartment served herself as much as I.
Think about the TV that she wanted to let me borrow...
She knows the policy here whereby people can only stay 10 nights out of every 30 days.
She also knows that, between the hours of 6AM and 10 PM, a visitor can show up each and every day of the month and "visit."
What is to stop a person from rearranging their sleep schedule in order to catch 8 hours of sleep during the day, a hot shower, hot meal, etc.
I can foresee Louise showing up in the mornings, dead tired and having had the worst night of her life and just needing a place to sleep and to cook herself a meal and take a long shower and maybe even watch TV for a few hours.
If I paid utilities, then I could tell her that I really can't afford the spike in my water/energy bill due to her long showers and her using the oven.
But, I guess I went to sleep on that one, and let it slip that I am one of the few residents here who are on an all expense paid stay.
With that knowledge in tow, she is ready to tell me something like: "You don't pay for the hot water; so what is my problem?"
My problem, and it might now sound like I am phrasing it right, but; my problem is: Get the fuck out of my dwelling, you fat disgusting self serving pig that is full of hate for the whole world, but disguises it like a double agent in order to get what she wants....that is kind of my problem.
She still has some stuff in my place.
She had said that she wanted to buy Harold the cat off of me, but has gone silent on the subject lately; and I really wonder how she is going to try to play me over the next month.
I might just lie to her and tell her that I have moved out and now live in Algiers with Howard -the perfect hard of hearing roommate for someone who likes to play music at 4AM, all high, and without worrying about disturbing anyone.....
It will be interesting to see what Louise's next move will be; probably to mollify me with some offering of cash in the range that she thinks will be a windfall for myself, but that only took her a half hour to earn; and that will buy her back into my life...probably..,. if I know my skeezers......


Alex said...

You mention Howard paying $600 a month to stay in that apartment complex??

That's California prices. I know nice places that are $400 a month in nice places like sunnyvale.

You also mention Howard and yourself living together "homelessly" long enough to know what to expect, and I respect that. It just seemed like you assumed Howard owes you, a typical skeezer mindset, but in reality, Howard would benefit from having another person with normal hearing around. As long as you don't fill his place with other skeezers.

Daniel McKenna said...

It is just sad to know that the only friend that I have here is leaving. He really seemed to enjoy our Sunday Night Football get togethers (even made popcorn one time) and, yeah, he is a go-to guy whenever I need to borrow any money; which I have always paid back; but, In retrospect, all of the idling that I have seen in Howard (sitting all day reading, as if trying to kill time until his life ends) has a new meaning if he had actually been biding his time waiting for certain financial windfalls to materialize.
He may have been tapping into my homeless-sense (and I was able to ferret out some comfortable arrangements for us; never far from a Jack In The Box LOL) and, who really knows; maybe he will leave me an inheritance like the kid in Charles Dickens "Great Expectations" got from the most unlikely source...
Howard has been skeezed here relentlessly; he has bought comfy chairs, bikes, hams, framed pictures, aquariums, TV's, etc. from the heroin addicts who barge through his door (he leaves it unlocked because he can't hear anyone knock) anytime night or day, with their hard luck stories and their assurances that the stuff ain't stolen, and one time when I pushed the door open and yelled "Hello" a bit before a football game was to kick off, he yelled back "WHAT?!?" in a tone of voice that told me that he has been beset by skeezers here.
But, it takes a strong man to walk away from a free apartment until you die, and I think it say's a lot about Howard that he is doing it...I have recently learned a lesson about going out and making your own money and not being subjugated by a fat disgusting pig sitting on your couch with the attitude that I should take the night off, run her errands and then sit all night babysitting the laptop upon which movies are playing, because I didn't want to go to work and leave it wide open for her to wipe out my hard drive, look at all my pictures, and basically do an investigation upon me; perhaps looking for dirt upon me that she could set her sociopathic mind upon "If I tell Unity that you have a felony in Florida, that they hadn't picked up upon, you will be out on the street, so, you better start playing by my rules now; starting with that guitar playing after midnight, and cooking meals at 4 in the morning -type of thing
I would rather go out and make 15 bucks and be the master of my domain than to get 20 from the likes of Louise.\
But, more to the point, Howard will have to be the one who offers me any arrangement; but I won't hesitate to give up this place where I "have it made."
People used to say that about the rich Russian lady that I married back in '98, but then left to roam the country and have amazing adventures that I still think about way more than the caviar on her table...
end of rant....did I answer the question? Not sure....

Alex said...

What rich Russian lady?

That's a taller tale than the one about your having an English degree.

Daniel McKenna said...

More back-fill that will have to be posted under 1996 thru 2000; on the Russian lady; Her name is Nina and, thinking about it now; she was kind of like a Lilly figure in my life then, both literally and figuratively.
Google "Mt. Wauchusett Community College Class of 1988 English major graduates" LOL! irregardless of weather you believe me or not that I was a English major; you're fixing to find out. Seems like you have to show people proof of things anymore, or they're like to not believe anything you say; but I really was a English major, I promise you...