Saturday, December 26, 2015

Rice And Navy Beans, Yum

Christmas Day, I woke up at 4 PM, with 2 dollars on my counter of the 14 or so that I had made Christmas Eve, and I walked into the Quarter, stopping to spend the 2 bucks on a malt liquor.
"Did you really lose your phone, or are you just avoiding me?"
Getting to the Unique Grocery, I was given a beer by one of the cashiers. "Merry Christmas," he said.
This is kind of cool, given the fact that those cashiers have to deal with a constant stream of skeezers, and almost nightly, catch one of them shoplifting, or cussing out the universe at a high volume. etc.
I went and played a Christmas song on the harmonica, and thought that I did pretty well, but discovered that the "huge wad of bills" in my pocket was comprised of no larger a bill than a one.
After having a couple beers and picking up some food; I decided to walk home in order to save $1.25...
And that is how Christmas ended.
My food card will be empty for another 10 days; and I am eating stuff that has been passed over the past month or so, like rice and navy beans. Yum.
Phone Found
The phone that I had thought that I had lost and had blamed a skeezer for distracting me into losing; has been found.
It has been sitting at Howard's apartment, I guess since last Sunday night when we watched football there.
Howard has come into some money, through an inheritance from his step father, and he is thinking of investing in a house, over in Algiers, an area that he likes.
If he doesn't invest the money within a year "they will tax the hell out of it," and if Sacred Heart Apartments finds out about the windfall, then Howard will wind up paying more in rent here, for a basement apartment that has some mold, when he could be living in a private house with a yard and no skeezers for "the same" money.
He has his stuff already packed, but is taking an extra day or so to decide what to do.
At some point in the future, I would love to live in a house where I can have a garden (and maybe another pet). But, once a person leaves here (Sacred Heart Apartments) it is nearly impossible to get back in.
If I lived with Howard, I would be able to leave for unspecified amounts of time and always have a place to get back into.


Alex said...

So you're assuming Howard will let you live in his house, for free because you're a skeezer?

Daniel McKenna said...

I'm the one who led the Unity people to Howard in the woods to rescue him; he is just doing the math on paying 600 a month to stay here vs. paying the same on a mortgage. We have lived together homelessly for long enough that he would know what to expect. And he isn't a fool and would see a skeeze coming down 5th Avenue...