Sunday, December 6, 2015

It is Sunday afternoon, and I am in position to make it to the Superdome by the time the game lets out and 5,000 people walk past my spot there.
Of course, someone could be already at my spot; or any number of other things could go wrong, like a change in the security policy of allowing a busker to sit at my spot...
Last night, I played sloppily and made only about 20 bucks, but found a 10 dollar bill inside my guitar this morning; I can almost remember someone stuffing it in there, but not really (remember).
Louise, my guest, stayed in last night, but went out early this late morning.
She has been sending me to the store with cash to buy her food and orange juice; which I have been getting with my food card and then using the cash across the street to get weed. Yowsa.
I really wasn't playing at the top of my ability last night, and I could just tell that I was getting one dollar tips, rather than 10's and 20's except for the ten spot inside my guitar.

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