Sunday, December 13, 2015

The End Of "Street Musician Daniel"

I think I am going to "deep 6" this blog...
I won't delete past entries (I'll let them "forever" sit in cyberspace, I guess for "posterity") but; as I haven't really been posting much lately; because of the fact that I have really lost interest in blogging -maybe I just don't deem my life worthy of documenting; as I sit in my Unity apartment waiting to die, so they can come in and clean out the refrigerator and repaint the walls for the next sucker that they are going to marginalize from society and bestow upon the Trojan Horse gift of a "free" apartment...

Well, Here is a post I did a few days ago. It is not comprehensive; it is not well thought out; it is not insightful, not even educational and I am not even going to proof read it;

I think I am out of this business....It's been an alright 10 years....

Love, Street Musician Daniel
Retiring From Blogging? I Think so...
Trivial crap that I no longer want to write about and waste time upon...
It is almost 3 in the afternoon on this Wednesday the 2nd of December.

Last night, I had another slow night.

I had come up enough in the world to have fresh batteries in my spotlight; and had left the apartment with 41 bucks on me; after having been paid for the pain pills and having slid Howards "half" of the money under his door.

But then, it was a half pint of Jim Beam and a Bush beer to pour it in ($6) and a sack of weed ( $6.50) and then across the street to the Ideal Market, where I got some apple juice and some coconut milk and some yams, putting 2 of my own dollars towards it; and effectively wiping out my food card for the month with 4 days to go.

This is better than the past few months when it had run out with 7, 12 or 14 days left.

I have been getting money from outside sources.

Tim the violinist paid me another 20 bucks on the amp, Sunday night, after I had gone out and only made about 10 bucks playing and had spent that down to about 4 bucks.

Then, I got the 50 bucks early Tuesday morning for the pain pills.

Are My Fortunes About To Change

And now, Louise, a friend of mine who is a Tarot card reader on Royal Street and whom I have walked past a hundred times and spoken to on occasions when she wasn't doing a reading, is going to crash at my place for at least a couple days, as her current living arrangements have become volatile and "dangerous," as she describes it.

She is packing her stuff into a friends truck to drop off in storage, and then will be here some time in the next few hours.

I told her that I might leave here at about 7 PM to go out and play.

I really need to reverse my fortunes and break the string of 10 dollar or less nights that I have had over the course of the past week which saw me collecting almost 90 bucks from outside sources, yet spending most of it.

Louise said that she would give me some money; I told her to try to bring some instant coffee; as a calling card.

You've just read: 389 words.

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Alex said...

You feel depressed because you have no goals right now. Your goal was to get into an apartment, well, you're in one now.

So yeah, it's just an endless mundanity of tips and half pints of bourbon and sacks of weed, interactions with skeezers, and the ever present need formnew strings. Pretty damn boring.

You need to set a goal or two. Maybe putting a CD together, the first of a series, one each year, by the great Street Musician Daniel. Maybe getting a real job somewhere. Maybe forming a band. Maybe going to the library and learning some art techniques. You might do well as an artist.

You could do a weekly profile of some other busker or notable street person, the greater public loves to read about New Orleans.

You could set up a tip jar sort of thing on this blog and make something on it. You could build up some of the writing here into chapters of a book you could publish.

There are a lot of things you could do.