Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Man Behind the Bushes

I've never tried to "share" a video from Youtube before, but for the edification of Alex in California, and the sake of clarification; above is the "Brian Hudson" whom I've referred to in past posts. He must get confused with the famous skateboarder from Akron, Ohio all the time...

I remember that I described his voice as being "in between Paul Simon and Don McClean," the first time I heard him, 3 years ago. He was OK with that assessment. He has been known to read this blog, by the way.

I guess I fall into the same trap as a lot of people who try to compare a singer that they're hearing for the first time to the ones they're familiar with.

A lot of singers reply: "That's cool, I'm really into (name of singer you've just compared them to)," which stands to reason, since they probably grew up trying to emulate them.

Myself, I hear: "You sound a little like Neil Young," often, and I have mixed feelings about that, since Neil, in my opinion, knows how to make sounding a bit out of tune work for him, especially in his guitar soloing.

Once, I was walking down a street out of the quarter a bit, and I heard someone yelling. Conditioned to think that it was probably a skeezer yelling for a cigarette, I kept walking without acknowledging whomever it was.

The person caught up to me whom I then recognized to be Brian Hudson.

"Did you hear me yell?" he asked.

"Yeah, but I thought it was Paul Simon or Don McClean yelling," I said.

50 Things

 50. It's Wednesday morning, 10 AM, and I haven't slept yet.
49. I'm out of food stamp money.
48. I need to figure out what to do about Harold my cat if I go on the road.
47. I started cleaning my apartment last night and got half way through it.
46. I am up to 1990 in the American History book, and am convinced that people are not much more screwed up now than they were 100 years ago; they are just not as repressed, so they are expressing themselves with mass murder.
It takes strength in parents, churches and schools to repress people properly.
Family, church and school have lost their punch and have been supplanted by law; one problem being that the cops are prone to be just as screwed up by all of the above, as those they are trying to subjugate (pronounced "protect and serve").
45. I should probably skip the next 44 and get some sleep.
44. I don't know if I will busk tonight; I am sort of fasting, after having eaten the last remaining items in the cabinets, still there due to lack of interest.
I had ground flax seed in oatmeal first with peanut butter, and then a second batch with ketchup. Later, I had some kidney beans and whole cumin, simmered together.
43. 50 is a much too ambitious number of things, especially as it is 10:30 AM, and if I don't get to sleep now, I will not busk tonight due to lack of it.
As it is, I don't even have the trolley fare to get into the Quarter. I have to walk about a mile to the Rouses Market and pour the 300 or so pennies that are the last of my money, into their change machine.
44. When I have sweat these past few 90 degree nights, and the sweat has rolled down my forehead and into my eyes, it has stung them. Enough so I have to stop what I'm doing and wipe them out. Could this mean that the air pollution in New Orleans is such that even the small amount that sticks to my sweaty forehead is enough to burn my eyes
43.  I feel isolated and disconnected.
42. This counts as 42 items.

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alex carter said...

He just sounds very Blah and generic to me.